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Case Study

Migrating from an on-premise solution to the cloud-based Salesforce.com platform.

Company Profile

Founded in 2011, Bactronix is an anti-microbial control company that is located in Moon Township, PA. Bactronix specializes in the auto, residential, and medical industries, as well as many other areas of interest to the consumer.

The Challenge

To enhance the capabilities of mobile users, Bactronix planned a major CRM transformation—migrating from an on-premise solution to the cloud-based Salesforce.com platform. In addition to leveraging the advanced customer relationship capabilities that Salesforce.com offers, Bactronix wanted to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud, which eliminates the need to invest in server hardware and resources to maintain the software.

A key challenge in completing the transformation involved successfully moving all of the data from the on-premise solution over to the Salesforce.com platform. In addition to client accounts and opportunities, Bactronix needed to transfer service history to ensure client interactions could continue proceeding smoothly following the migration.

The Solution

Taking a two-phase approach, App Solve first integrated all sales account and opportunity information so the Bactronix sales team could continue to efficiently close on business and foster client relationships. App Solve then integrated service history data, which enabled the client support team to properly manage ongoing engagements. Additionally, App Solve pulled this solution off through its extensive Salesforce.com partner’s network – using dataloader.io to deliver required data-transfer capabilities with a low total-cost-of-ownership.

The Results

With all of 13000+ records seamlessly migrated to the new Salesforce.com cloud-based platform, Bactronix can now maintain a 360-degree view of their CRM data for both mobile and internal network users.

“Went so smoothly and were very responsive to all our questions and concerns. Couldn’t be happier with the service!!”

Melissa Thompson
Office Manager

Solutions Utilized:

Sales Cloud

Over time, your business changes, and App Solve enables you to continue your hockey stick growth by consulting on your current Salesforce.com system and potentially ‘Re-Optimizing’ your Salesforce platform.

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