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Case Study

Salesforce implementation, training and follow-up, was done virtually via the internet and telephone, therefore keeping costs down and saving much time

Company Profile

Carly Rian Group is a Toronto-based management consulting firm that specializes in solving business problems driven by cost, quality and time. Carly Rian believes working with clients is a privilege and that their equity lies in their ability to be trusted. They promise an unmatched combination of customer experience and defendable, data-driven results.

The Challenge

Carly Rian’s old CRM system was difficult to use. It took a long time to enter information into the system and reports were a challenge to create and export. Users became frustrated and stopped using the system. Carly Rian decided to switch to Salesforce after recommendations from colleagues who had used Salesforce before, and from companies who had made the switch to Salesforce, and had expressed their happiness with it. However, the larger problem was that Carly Rian’s old CRM provider was little or no help with the data migration to Salesforce.

The Solution

App Solve held multiple discovery call sessions with Carly Rian Group to review what their CRM requirements would be. App Solve was then able to customize Salesforce to meet Carly Rian’s requirements and make their transition to Salesforce as seamless as possible. The entire project from discovery sessions to Salesforce implementation, training and follow-up, was done virtually via the internet and telephone, therefore keeping costs down and saving much time and resources in the process.

App Solve made sure all of Carly Rian’s key data was imported correctly into Salesforce while keeping data integrity intact and matched the Salesforce system to Carly Rian’s business to meet their standards.  Carly Rian’s team was extensively trained on how to roll out Salesforce effectively and how to optimize its usage.

The Results

Carly Rian Group is now able to fulfill their commitment to customer excellence. Internal managers and users now have access to all necessary data at their fingertips, and the tools needed to support Carly Rian Group’s commitment to customer excellence.

“CRG had a fantastic experience with AppSolve. They demonstrated that they were not only very knowledgeable with SalesForce, but that they were also very invested in us, and our requirements as a customer.

They were always very prompt and overall it was a very productive relationship. Not only were they great partners but they spent the time to train us on a lot of little things so we would not need to engage them every time we need a minor enhancement.

They absolutely proved their value on the project, and we will definition be using them again in the future when we look at any further enhancements.”

Jason Matka
Carly Rian Group

Solutions Utilized:

Sales Cloud

Over time, your business changes, and App Solve enables you to continue your hockey stick growth by consulting on your current Salesforce.com system and potentially ‘Re-Optimizing’ your Salesforce platform.

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