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Subscription Services

Insure your investment

Your Salesforce system is live, and you and your team are firing on all cylinders. But what happens as your business — and your Salesforce needs — evolve? You’re also investing in Salesforce on a monthly basis, so insure your investment with us!

App Solve’s Subscription Services offering provides you with on-going support and expertise to keep the effectiveness of your Salesforce platform maximized at all times.

We know your system inside and out. Take advantage of our Subscription Services model and allow us to be on-hand for any customizations, optimizations, consulting, training and/or custom coding to adapt Salesforce to your scaling business.

Subscription Services

App Solve offers a year of support services, delivered as a bank of hours each month. No hours are lost; any unused hours in a given month will be rolled into a ‘project bucket,’ to be used at a time when a certain project (like a large data migration, or implementing a new Salesforce tool) becomes a priority.

Support Blocks

App Solve also offers blocks of support hours. Purchase a block that can be used at any time — no expiry, and no ongoing commitment.

Post Go-Live Support

App Solve’s Subscription Services are also available as support hours to be used following our implementation of your customized Salesforce system. Use these hours for additional training, troubleshooting, and system updates.

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