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Case Study

A customized Pardot optimization, on-going strategy and consulting to deliver engaging content and customized prospect journeys

Company Profile

Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) is North America’s leading Contract Worker Classification and Payrolling Specialist.  Their proprietary independent contractor (IC) and 1099 compliance technology and innovative process management platform enables employers to hire, administer, and pay their contract workforce in an efficient and risk-free manner.

The Challenge

As pioneers within the industry, Contingent Workforce Solutions has helped clients across all industry sectors and functional departments to understand the importance of creating efficient contract engagement models that provide visibility into contractor headcount and spend.

The Solution

CWS recently invested in Salesforce Pardot, a marketing automation software that allows them to track, analyze, nurture and convert leads while providing dynamic web content.  However, due to poor implementation and configuration of Salesforce Pardot, CWS was not able to achieve their goals of properly tracking, analyzing and ultimately converting more leads.  Furthermore, CWS lacked training on Salesforce Pardot, which led them to having highly ineffective campaigns.



The Results

CWS turned to App Solve to optimize their Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation Platform.  App Solve repaired CWS’ domain tracking, allowing them to track both anonymous and identified visitors on their website.  Furthermore, App Solve updated/repaired two web-to-lead forms to ensure the user submissions were being added to Pardot.  Also, in order to ensure that prospects were being added to Salesforce as leads, App Solve repaired the Salesforce-to-Pardot sync, in order to ensure data was visible in real-time. Finally, in order to make sure that CWS gets the absolute most out of their Salesforce environment, App Solve is now providing on-going extensive content and marketing strategy consulting services.

CWS was able to fully leverage Salesforce Pardot into creating meaningful Marketing Campaigns from which they can now track, analyze, nurture and ultimately convert more leads due to very detailed segmentation recognitions.  Reporting huge success with their campaigns post Salesforce Pardot optimization and advisory, CWS has created a long term partnership with App Solve to provide value-add, on-going campaign and content strategy consulting plan

Solutions Utilized:

Marketing Cloud

App Solve’s Marketing Cloud offers clients data-driven solutions that actually drive higher sales and not just an increase in leads.


App Solve helps your marketing and sales teams automate and optimize your B2B lead generation and nurturing programs from initial prospect contact through the entire sales process.

Subscription Services

App Solve’s Subscription Services offering provides you with on-going support and expertise to keep the effectiveness of you Salesforce platform maximized at all times.

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